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Today’s Application name is Spin For Cash to earn Paypal & JazzCash.

Application and thier Scrip & tools Are given below you can download from thier For more Information Contact us,

                          Spin For Cash

I have earned cash using Spin For Cash app.you can also earn by downloading app from below link and enter refferal code while login-996PXGF2 

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Code: 996PXGF2

Code: 996PXGF2

* An article for all of you

A 30-year-old man named Muhammad Abdullah brought his mother to the lady doctor for a check-up. The boy’s mother wanted to get up and run away instead of sitting down for a check-up. She would throw off her cloak again and again, but her son would lovingly entertain her and fix her cloak. During this time, he also bit his son’s hand and hit him in the face, but his son kept smiling and lovingly took care of his mother and kept telling the doctor about Mann’s illness.

The doctor asked the boy who the woman was, to which he replied, “My mother.” The doctor then asked her how long she had been in this condition. The boy replied that his mother had been abandoned by his father in his childhood, which caused him to lose his mental balance. The boy added that in the past, my grandmother used to take care of my mother, but when she was ten years old, she took care of her own mother. He said that when he wants to sleep, he ties his feet with his mother’s feet so that she does not harm herself or leave the house alone.

During the doctor’s check-up, the boy’s mother started asking for chips from the children, but his son fed him chips, to which his mother started laughing happily, and the boy ate chips and drank juice from his mother. Then he wiped his mother’s face with a handkerchief.

The doctor said, this is your mother but you don’t know? The boy replied, “Of course she does not know that I am her son, but the one who created me knows that she is my mother.”

Meanwhile, the mother saw the pictures of the Kaaba on the TV in the clinic. The mother said to her son, “Why didn’t you take me to Mecca?” The son replied, “Mother on Thursday, did I not tell you that I would take you for Umrah on Thursday?”

The doctor told him that if you take your mother to Makkah for Umrah, your anxiety will increase. The son said, “Whenever my mother asks me to go for ‘Umrah, I take her to Makkah, no matter how many times she wants to go. Do

After the mother and son left, the doctor closed the door of his room and cried a lot. “I’ve heard and read a lot about parental rights, but I’ve never seen anyone serve a mother like this boy,” the doctor said. The boy’s mother is not aware that he is her son but her son treats her with utmost love and care and tries his best to serve his mother only for the sake of Allah. Although he could have admitted her to a mental hospital, he chose to serve and take care of his mother himself so that the gates of heaven would remain open for his life and beyond, God willing.

Payments Method



pkg upgrade && pkg update 

pkg install php 

pkg install nano 

cd storage file


php bot.php

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