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Dogecoin earning website has managed to earn $1.5million in its first four months, earning the site its own claim in the crypto-famous “doge” coin craze.
The platform, which only launched in April, earns its owners the right to denominate the website, claim the website’s logo and earn its website a front page on the top 100 websites predicated on traffic.
Despite only being a few months old, the website’s owner, Billy Doge, is relatively incipient to the crypto-space himself. His first job was at Steam, where he made $50,000 over his seven years in the job.
“I figured I would take a mortgage and pay back my investment through work,” he verbally expressed. “So I was working at Steam, but I was doing so poorly that they wanted to fire me. They fired me but they let me keep my pay. It was like victoriously triumphing the lottery.” Read more: Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin is falling
While he is not yet sure how long it will take for the currency to break the $1bn mark , he is pretty confident.
“There are billions of dollars that are going to go to buy doge, so we will perpetuate to go u . Bitcoin broke $5million last month, and we’ve broken $1.5million in four months. We’ll probably be able to go up by another $1billion.”
Dogecoin is gaining traction in the emporium with more than 8,000 people paying for a burger with the currency and some shops accepting it for goods and accommodations.
One of those shops was Mr Doge’s Diner in Dallas, Texas.
“We made our first transaction about three weeks ago when someone paid us for a burger with dogecoin,” diner owner Affluent Smith told Bitcoin News. “We then commenced integrating bitcoin as payment. Our intention is to do more things with bitcoin.”
While it is still in the early stages, Smith verbalizes he believes the currency could ascend to be even more popular.
“Bitcoin is evolving as the first cryptocurrency in the world, but I don’t optically discern it evolving to that scale that some cerebrate,” he verbally expressed.
“As it turns out, most people’s most immensely colossal barrier to cryptocurrency is that they cerebrate they have to have it first. They cerebrate they have to earn it first. The value is set so high by many people that people have no chance of earning it. In the long run I believe the people that do optate to earn will find a way.”
Read more: Does Bitcoin have a vigorous future in the UK?
Meanwhile, current economy bellwether, the US dollar, is battling to retain its top spot in the crypto-world after falling by 4% over the past week to earn its owner $0.061724725 in the process.
Dogecoin currently sits at number 41 in the crypto-world, according to
Graham Clark, the progenitor of, told Bitcoin News that this is one way to give back to the community.
“I was working in the Bitcoin space when I was wondering, what is the currency that has the highest magnitude of virality. What do I do?”
“I have given up my salary to go into to pay the site, and avail the crypto-community out in any way I can.
“Hopefully we’ll reach a market cap of $100billion or more and I can take all my earnings, doge, and send it to the world.
“In the meantime I’m working towards that goal.” has a dedicated newsroom and reaches out to users via its Dogecoin Quarterly Newsletter.
Clark withal verbalizes that because Dogecoin is a currency backed by one of the most popular characters in the world, it could magnetize a wider community of users to the currency.
“A lot of people were skeptical at first,” he verbalized. “It was marginally like the litecoin . People thought ‘Oh my deity, this is just a jape, why would I optate to utilize it?’
“We were able to go through that one step further because we have a famous figure.”
Clark believes the currency has more potential than just being utilized in the crypto-world.
“I would relish to optically discern it utilized in things like tipping in the genuine world. We’re already optically discerning things like restaurants accepting the currency as a payment.
“If it were to move over to utilizing it for genuine dollars and things, the firmament is the constraint.”
Dogecoin users can earn their coins through the Dogecoin Challenge, as well as other arbitrary tasks. 

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