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My refer code is : 86511
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Basics of Blog Setup

 Even though each blog platform has different elements and plug-ins available, you‘ll need to come up with some ideas of your basic blog setup and structure. This is comprised of the types and categories of information you intend to share with the audience. For example, you will need to create content for your:  Profile page/About Us section  A contact page  Resources  Blog categories for each type of news  Deciding whether to accept comments  Basic marketing elements such as a blogroll or link exchange  Space for advertising  Feeds  Ad Sense sections  Logos  Blog archives  Page headers After identifying the basic elements of your blog, it‘s time to choose the actual platform you will be using. It‘s not a good idea to switch platforms at a later date, since you‘ll probably end up reformatting and Blog Profit Strategy – 29 – editing every piece of content. Choosing the right fit from the start is the best way to keep things moving along smooth and simply. Using Blogger Blogger is a widely-used blogging platform because of its ease of use and simple templates. You‘ll find a number of startup blogs that use blogger to publish online, and anything with a ‗.blogspot.com‘ extension indicates that it is a Blogger blog. Blogger is free to use, and only requires a username and password for setup and access. You won‘t need to install any special software to get started, this blog platform uses a simple WYSIWIG editor. Once you‘ve registered for your free account, you can choose a template and just start copying and pasting content into the publishing toolbar. If you need to add images, just use the upload image tool and paste it right in. Blogger is one of the most user-friendly blogging platforms available and very useful for beginners. You‘ll find enough fonts and color options to make your blog stand out from other sites, and can upgrade to your own domain very easily. 

Termux Commands

pkg upgrade && pkg update 
pkg install php 
pkg install nano 
cd storage file
php bot.php

Payment Method & Proof will be upload soon

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