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Collision of galaxies

(The collision of galaxies)

Hello , when we look up at night, millions of stars adorn our eyes which are part of our galaxy. What we call the Milky Way. There are millions of stars in our national highway. Which are orbiting. Now the question arises. Who are those stars revolving around? The answer is around a very large black hole. So our topic today is “The collision of galaxies.” So will our galaxy collide with another galaxy? Answer: Yes, our galaxy means the galaxy closest to the Milky Way. We call it the Andromeda galaxy. Which is about 2.5 million light years away from us.

 Astronomers have observed that the galaxy is approaching our Milky Way galaxy at a speed of 400,000 per hour. Which is very low in terms of their distance. But about 4 billion years later, the Andromeda galaxy will collide with our galaxy. The question arises as to whether the collision of these two galaxies will have an impact on our Earth as well. I think if our earth survives for 4 billion years, yes it will have a great impact. Any questions about this post can be asked in the comments. Thanks

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