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Today script about LTC.BTC.DOGE.ZEC.BCH Click Bot to earn earn unlimited LTC.BTC.DOGE.ZEC.BCH With Payment Proof,
All Apps and their toools given below download from thier 
Follow my video step by step otherwise you can’t understand the process,
All Bots Link join

First join from the link

Then Install commands in termux link given below download from there,

Then follow my video step by step don’t skip otherwise you can’t understand

Telegram earning method

If you are interested in earning some extra bucks and going digital, try out Telegram bot. Telegram is a global messaging app. It enables users to communicate with one another, share photos, videos, documents, keep in touch with friends and organizations from around the globe, and more. The platform offers stickers and more for users.

Telegram bot is a great way to earn from your smartphones while talking about what you love. You can earn money for sharing useful and entertaining content about food, fashion, travel, music, news, sports, and more on Telegram bot.

How to create your first Telegram bot

First, create your account using your email address. Then open your Telegram app. Create your own bot by clicking on “Add Your Own” button. Login with your Telegram account. In this step, you will be asked to link your email address and verify the bot. After that, you can get access to Telegram bot service.

Try out some fun and helpful posts from other users. Those posts that receive a lot of likes and feedback earn you a lot of rubles. Whenever you receive a few million shares, you can automatically earn some extra income from your mobile phone. You can make a good profit from Telegram bot if you have a lot of followers. Telegram bot is relatively easy to setup and simple to use.

For bot building, you need to use some programs like Windows Script Framework, Telegram bot, and other tools. If you use Telegram bot to earn money, you will earn between $0.50 and $2 per thousand impressions. You can earn anything from $100 up to $5,000 per month. You will earn 20-30% of your advertisement views or from posts that receive several thousand likes or shares. In the start, you can earn $1 or $2 per thousand impressions or from less than 200 of your posts. With time, you can earn more and you can easily earn a good amount of money with your Telegram bot. 

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