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Today’s Application is Prize Quiz In this App you can earn upto 10$ per day through Question & Answer.

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A blog can help your business: �Answer frequently asked questions �Launch contests �Start a promotion or offer promotional coupons online �Share new information on product releases �Start a photo showcase �Send out newsbytes or commentary �Provide feedback on customer suggestions �Share media files, audio, and video content A blog may also be a valuable resource of employees. It may be set up on a company intranet or server to share a newsletter, set up weekly posts on a particular topic, or provide employees with resources and tools they need as part of the company. Blogs are an informal and easy-to-navigate platform on the web, and any department may even construct one on their own. With the onset of embedded videos, pod casts, and audio files, visiting a blog can be a complete multimedia experience Blogs can help you create a strong community and build traffic; the cost of generating traffic from search engine marketing and traditional direct mail can lead to thousands of dollars in marketing expenses. A business blog can help you build a community of strong readers and in turn, make your blog and domain much more credible. In turn, search engine placement becomes easier and helps you capture market share simply based on your ranking. This is possibly the biggest benefit of blogging, helping you grow your customer base and capturing the attention of interested prospects in an innovative way. Many blog readers subscribe to feeds and newsletters on their own your business can eliminate at least some of the cost of trying to solicit customers, the ‗old-fashioned way.‘ Additional chapters in this e-Book will help you learn how to make use of each of these areas to your advantage, but you can start understanding the potential of a blog and your efforts to market it, after just a few weeks.

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