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This story is based on fact. We have just changed the names of some of the characters. Everything else is correct.Today was the evening of melancholy. Now it has become the norm of the day that every evening spent in melancholy was the rule of silence. It was the afternoon of Asr. He also went to perform Asr prayers and prostrated before his Lord Reese wasEven before the prayer, she was anxiously trying to shed tears, and then this is the time to stop her tears and ask her to stop in front of her.Then He, the Merciful, the Lord of the two worlds, turns the prayer written on every tear that comes out of the eye of His servant into acceptance.After Asr prayers, he sat on the bed, wrapped his arms around his knees and rested his chin on his knees. He was lost in unknown thoughts. The continuity of his thoughts was broken by the ring tune on his phone. He raised his head and looked at his phone. But his friend’s name was shining. He answered the call with a cold sigh Hello Hijab, where are you .As soon as I picked up the phone, there was a question of Salam Dua I’m in hell .He climbed up and said no, that is, there is a limit, he will be at home and where to go. His friend’s laughter echoed at his rotten answer.Good, you are at home. How are yo

You are asking as if I have a truck inside me and I am lying on the bed in the unfortunate room of the hospital with my legs and arms outstretched .Her friend’s laughter did not stop when she heard so many rotten answers Why are you so rotten Nothing. Dude, tell me how you called By dialing your number on the phone by hand Maybe I was in the mood to pray todayPray you .Okay, sorry, sorry, listen, I called because it’s okay for you to come for the interview tomorrow, but it’s okay to bring your sister with you Speaking in one go, she would tell him the whole story and she began to try to understand him with uncertainty.I mean It really seemed like a dream to him or maybe such a good joke It doesn’t mean anything. It’s better to remember to come tomorrow and I’ll send you the address .

And she had hung up the phone while Hijab sat staring at the phone in amazement for so many momentsAnd then suddenly there was a sigh of relief Oooh wow ya Allah is your grace thank you so really merciful that he prays for the sinful servants of his servants mum. I am very grateful to you ya Allah .She looked up with wet eyes and then ran outside to tell this good news to her motherThe family of Hijab was not very big but it was not small either. These people were Palmach sister and brother. The eldest was her sister Noor, then this herself, then Hijab, then two sisters who were twins, one named Amna and the other It was early in the morning and last of all his brother whose name was Ahmed. His father had divorced his mother and got remarried. At first he was living in some way then his financial situation will deteriorate and it will continue to be a source of misery. Hijab was still free after giving the tenth exam, so he started looking for a job and Allah had seen his grace and heard him.And verily, He does not test His righteous servants more than their souls The next day she was in the office with her sister at ten o’clock. After the interview she would get a job and the job was to supply milk but she didn’t have to supply it. She had to look at the work there. Her job was going very well at start and her salary was good. Hijab used to give thanks to Allah and she never got tired Hijab, listen to me .The one who was busy with his work looked at Mahesh when he called out to him Say yes Mahesh She spoke completely attracted to him Dude, I’m not feeling well. It doesn’t work for me to go out. Please, man, you do it. I understand.There was prayer in his voice that’s fine He said something and smiledThe weather has been very cloudy since this morning. It was raining intermittently. Clouds in the sky  The intermittent rain was making the scene very attractive but it was presenting a more beautiful scene.

Holding the Malik pack in her hand, the soaked blonde face was wrapped in a hijab on which drops of water were touching her face and enhancing her splendor. Thick, thick eyes which were adorned with mascara. Without a face, she was not the most beautiful Oh my God, please have mercy, work in the rain, please stop the rain for a while .

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