Mango Earning Application

 Mango Earning Application

Welcome back to my blog Hello everyone today our video about Mango Earning Application. This Application is legit and paying Application. 

First All of Go to play store and search mango App.

Then Install It and open

After press on Creat Account And Give your name Email ID and Password.

Earning Method

You have to earn Three method in your App

•First is Video earning method Press on watch video and watch for 30 sec and you will get 5 coins of video reward.

•Second Method of Earning Is Scratch on the 2nd number you will see scratch option press on it And Scratch you will get random Points.

•Third option is math  solve the number and get 10 points.

And the last option is Invite friend and Earn 20% of your refer.

Payments Method


Sc Video

This first app that I have found that can link your Paypal account with your iTunes a PC or Mac computer is listed as the Earning App. On Apple’s iTunes App Store, this is listed as Earning. After you add the app, you can start to make payments to other iTunes accounts. The payments made with this app are charged to your iTunes account. This makes it possible for you to make payments within the app itself, to other iTunes accounts that you already have linked. This app is free, and it works just like the Paypal Earning App. It allows you to link an iTunes account to your Paypal account.
You can set it up for Apple Pay. The amount that you earn will depend on the amount of money that you link with your Paypal account. The first time that you make ccount is Paypal Earning App. This is the one that I initially went to, because the name sounded just a little bit strange. However, I discovered that this app actually does work with iTunes. I have not tried using it on other devices such as other computers. I assume that Apple has worked with Paypal to make it compatible with more than just Apple devices. The Paypal Earning App is a paid app in the iTunes Store, and costs $2.99, but it has no limit to the number of times that you can link to your account, and you can earn as many as 10% each time that you link. Paypal Earning App is one of the few apps that actually works with your Paypal account, but it can still be paid for. While this app was originally intended to work on iOS devices, I have found it also works on Android devices as well. Paypal Earning App is a great tool that allows you to earn on your Paypal account.

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