Q Pay Earning App

Q Pay Earning App

Welcome back to my blog today I am bring new real legit earning Application. This is new application in market it’s giving 100% withdraw in your wallet within 48 hours.Let Go follow my steps and earn more and more.

How To Create Account?

Join website from link and go to any browser and open on it.
Now press on Get started
Then they ask you username password and email then press on create account.
Now press on login and Give email and Password.

Earning Method

There are Six methods to earn bitcoin
•first is daily check in you can get 20 points daily.
•Second option is Lucky games this option is too good for earning press on it and you will see to many many games for earning press any one for earning they take some process after you will get your points reward.
•Third option is Offer Walls complete offers and get unlimited Points.
•Fourth Option Watch videos and Earn Points Press on video and video will be open watch for 30 sec you will get 10 Points.
•fifth Is spin and earn unlimited random point Press on spin and rotate the wheel you will earn random points.
•last is premium scratch you will get 1 premium scratch for signal day and you will Earn Random huge amount from Premium scratch.

Q Pay Earning App

Q Pay Earning App was launched a couple of months back. The app was built using a Q Pay token, which gives the token holders certain benefits. The app is now up and running.
The app is called Q Pay Earning App and allows users to earn up to $1 in rewards per transaction. The transactions are made at Q Pay E-stores across Nigeria and countries like Ghana.
For example, a user can pay for goods and products and get up to $0.5 reward for each transaction. This amounts to up to $1 a month.
For a premium user, there is the Q Pay for Earning option where they can earn up to $10 in rewards. There are also advanced options for those who have the app on their smartphones
For example, if a user earns $4 in rewards per transaction, they can enjoy up to $30 in rewards. The maximum amount is capped at $500 per month.
However, there are certain restrictions for users of this option. For example, when a user buys goods at Q Pay, they have to provide their bank account details. The result is that the payment is deducted from that bank account.
The payment to Q Pay is part of what the app calls the token reward (QP). This is a custom token that Q Pay has created that gives rewards for the users of Q Pay E-stores.
A user must pay for goods and services at Q Pay E-stores to get paid. The app also has three categories of stores: Q Pay Store, Q Pay Retail, and Q Pay Pay Business. The first two categories are aimed at consumer apps that focus on products and services.
Withdraw Method

If Password Is error then Password Link You will see in termux Copy link and short it in your browser You will Get Password.

If You have any Question ask me in comment Section.

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