Earn Litecoin

Earn Litecoin

 Hello everyone welcome back to my website today I am bring new Litecoin Earning website this website is new and legit paying so let’s go. Follow my steps and earn litecoin.

How to Earn Money

In this website we have some special method of earning.
•First earning method is Ptc ads view ptc ads earn earn 200 Satoshi per ptc ads.
•Second earning method is play games and Earn money 800 satoshi per game.
•Third Earning method is claim 200 satoshi in every 20 minutes of claim.
•Fourth  earning method is offdrwalls complete offer walls and eaen satoshi.
•fifth and last earning method is mining mine and earn ltc satoshi.

Earn Litecoin

So if you own Litecoin you could earn Litecoins while you sleep. The Litecoin network is fairly straightforward.First, a maximum of 75 new Litecoins are created every block.
The Litecoin network works on a time sequence like the Bitcoin network. Each block has a time slot during which the transaction fees can be placed.Once the transaction fees hit the top of the payout queue for each time slot, the block is locked and the transactions are automatically included in the next block.
Your chances of receiving a new Litecoin for any given block are dependent on how many different transactions are included in a single block. With the current Litecoin network, the number of times you can place your transaction in a block varies.
For example, if more than 30 transactions are placed in a block, the chance of having your transaction included is high. However, if more than 30 transactions are placed in a block and you place your transaction in more than 60 times, you have a low chance of getting your transaction included.
If your transaction is not included in a block within a specific time limit (currently 48 hours), the Litecoin network imposes a penalty. Your chances of receiving a reward are reduced by 20%. You could see your fees increase if you place your transaction in more than 60 times.

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