Floki Coin

Floki Coin

Coins are used by traders to pay for trades on the Floki network.Initially, it will only be possible to place orders using Coins.Eventually, conversion to fiat currencies will be possible via an exchange where the trade contract price is having a Floki token ratio of 1:1. Floki coin is the newest ico on the market with a real world brick and mortar application. 

This project is only red-flagged by the lack of any believable use model and sudden inclusion of high profile influencers in its token sale endeavors. Floki coin is the digital currency for storing, processing and revealing data in a decentralized, safe and trusted environment. Floki coin aims to take companies off the map of the internet. Floki coin is a privacy-centric, open source alternative to Bitcoin that focuses on the privacy of its users. In addition to dynamic transaction values and public keys encryption, it also allows coins to be created with encrypted keys. Floki Features Dynamic transaction values make it difficult for others to identify patterns. Flok has coin will be

1. A rewards programme where Floki token holders can earn tokens for their everyday social media activities such as following Flokîers, writing reviews, and messaging with other people on the app. Through this programme you can also receive tokens for reading articles and shopping online, making it a reward that is available even offline! 

2. 3 Ways to Earn: one is to publish reviews and stories about our products and services; second is to refer your followers and friends; third way is to complete any transaction – we’ll provide 100-300 FLOKI free of charge. If we reach the target of 3 million USD we will also allow Floki members to get 50% off.

Claim Floki Coin

You can earn 1 Floki for linking or sharing out content. You can earn up to 10 Floki for composing a review and it will be reviewed before it is published. Submitting a valid review, entitles the reviewer to another extra five (5) Floki coin. All you need to do is install the app on your phone, connect your bank account or credit card, and start earning! You’ll also get a $5 sign-up bonus. Once you spend $20 with your linked account, you can cash out up to $5 per day on Thursday and Saturday – for up to 30 days straight. Simply enter your email Here and collect as many as 10,000 floki coins daily In order to claim FLOKI you need to continue working. 1) Where can I find my floki coin address? Check your email, after the registration process is complete, you should have received an email with a floki coin address. 2) Where can I see my floki balance? Click on “Balance” on the members area, the number indicated should be your floki balance.

Earn Floki Coin

The floki coin is a digital currency. The coin can be used as a means of payment for various services and goods. The FlokIx team is working hard to make this coin available to as many users as possible. Your involvement in this project will be greatly appreciated. Floki is a proof-of-location protocol, powered by Radar Core.Earn floki coin Earn your floki cnes by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and performing live chats. To earn the Floki coin, users must sign up on the website and be a verified user on a social network or answer a question on a pop-up. Crafting has been an activity active in human culture throughout the ages. The way people created crafts in ancient civilizations was through hunting and gathering raw materials, making them into desired shapes through carving or burning. Their only task in doing so would be to have a natural desire to create something out of their creation. For centuries, being creative was frowned upon, but in modern society it’s embraced.


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