stormx app

stormx app

StormX, the blockchain-based platform and token economy, has recently announced their partnership with iCandy Interactive Inc. StormX’s technology will be integrated into iCandy’s mobile application, iCandy Live.
StormX is a decentralized blockchain technology that allows its users to sell their unused or underemployed time. Storm’s primary product is the Storm Play marketplace platform, through which consumers can access and purchase on-demand video games and virtual goods created by independent developers. stormx is a iphone app that helps you find the best weather forecasts for your area. It provides the most accurate forecasts, enabling you to plan what you’ll do in the event of bad weather. stormx app is the leading provider of enterprise-grade, cloud-based customer experience management software.
stormx is the world’s first decentralized microtask marketplace connecting consumers and data providers. Our mission is to provide consumers with a fun, convenient way to get paid for doing simple tasks, while utilizing the power of smartphones, smart devices, and crowdworkers around the world. stormx is a social network that allows its members to earn money while they share their personal data with the company. Members can also create customized products in your niche using the StormX platform, through either an individual project or by a team of experts. StormX, the company that created Storm Play, is back with a new and improved app called StormX. This time around, StormX is introducing a gamified micro-task marketplace. With the help of AI technology and blockchain powered transactions, this app allows people to earn money by completing quick tasks in their spare time. I want to introduce the new technology in the market. The stormx app is a new way to get insurance. The android and IOS app are being developed by stormx.

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