voyager crypto

voyager crypto

Voyager aims to become the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency by creating a decentralized network of federated exchanges. The project is building a protocol level system that will enable different exchanges around the world to interact, talk and work with one another seamlessly.
Think of it as a marketplace, where you can move cryptocurrencies around from one exchange to another, regardless of the exchanges’ location.But unlike other marketplaces, where transactions are at the mercy of the centralized entity in charge of the platform, this platform will be decentralized and autonomous. No single point of failure or control.The HAV token will be used as the native currency that enables businesses to interact and share data across the network. The latest trend in cryptocurrency is airdrops, the process by which a blockchain project distributes coins or tokens to their users for free. In an airdrop, the user receives a certain number of coins or tokens in their wallet when they sign up to the project’s webpage.
Voyager is a leading provider of cryptocurrency exchange solutions, Proprietary Trading Systems, and Automated Trading Systems. The group’s flagship product, the Voyager Autotrader, is a proprietary algorithm that executes trades on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The Autotrader provides unrivalled execution quality, algorithmic accuracy and performance across multiple market and asset classes. Voyager is planning to launch a cold storage hardware wallet for traders, merchants, and other institutions.
Jaxx is the first multi-token blockchain interface that provides wallet services to users in a simple and secure way. These tokens can be used to pay transaction fees, interact with smart contracts, or be transferred to other users. Jaxx’s architecture is based on a completely decentralized design that allows it to interact with 3rd party blockchain networks, cryptocurrency services, and users.This wallet is perfect for the person who wants to be their own bank. We are an accessible and easy.

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